Methodology behind the JT4: What lengths would you go to?

“I’ve always found that anything worth achieving will always have obstacles in the way and you’ve got to have that drive and determination to overcome those obstacles on route to whatever it is that you want to accomplish”

– Chuck Norris


I knew from day one, that this was not going to resemble learning to ride a bike. Was I biting off more than I can chew? Perhaps. But I asked myself how would I know if I didn’t try? Moreover, how would I feel in three decades time if I didn’t try and was unable to do so?

I believe, and quite firmly, that if you want to achieve something, you CAN. There are many factors involved in how you achieve that goal however. In fact, many may even be an understatement. Expectations are a huge key factor in terms of success. Desire also plays the important role, a role that cannot be bypassed. As for time, for me this coincides with patience.

Example. I will use the sport of Snooker (or billiards for some readers outside of the UK). Now I would like to be able to walk up to a table, and make a 100 break, comfortably. Could I do it….not a chance. If I played snooker once a week, would I achieve it then? Maybe, but probably not. But I would NOT expect to. I believe that you cannot automatically master something simply as quick as you would like to. This connects to most things in life.

However, if I spent 3 hours per day in a local snooker hall, 5 days per week, for 12 months, would I make that century then? I think the chances have just become greater. And those chances of success would become even more likely if I repeated the same routine for 24 months….I think I’d make more than one century break, just like anyone else would if they applied themselves to the process.


It doesn’t have to be sport however. The same methodology and ideology can be applied to anything you want to achieve greatness. Let’s take pottery! Am I good at it and could i make a beautiful vase? Absolutely not. I could not, once again, expect to. But if I took 5 pottery classes per week, for 12 months straight, would I emerge from that classroom with a piece of pottery worth of display? Of course, I believe so. And once again, if you spent the same amount of dedication to the art over 36 months, you would make immensely good pieces of work.


And therein lies the key, dedication. If you were to decide that you ‘don’t have time’ or not ‘enough patience’ to apply such efforts, then frankly you do not want it bad enough. It is perfectly understandable, life can become busy, schedules can become tight, and you simply dont have space to implement such efforts to one subject. Again, that’s absolutely fine, but one cannot expect to achieve greatness. I am fortunate enough at this stage of my life, at the time of posting, to be able to afford such time to golf, but not just that, but because I WANT to. More than anything. Why some may ask? Because it’s my passion. And there is the key to all of the above.


I apperceive that I would not achieve a golf handicap of 4 playing once a fortnight. It simply would not happen. Similarly, if I played once per week, but did not practice in the periods between, the movement would remain static. Nothing great (in normal circumstances) will come to you, instead you have to be prepared to go and be great. And if that takes hard work, time, effort and everything you have, so be it.

Therefore I knew from the start that I would have to devote as much energy, as much effort, as much thinking, time, passion, and heart into the game to simply TRY and achieve my goal. And if this doesn’t work initially, I simply will need to repeat and try once again, perhaps harder. I simply cannot give up, if I’m not giving my all – giving up will not reach the goal.

If this equates to having to play 3 times per week, and practice 4 times, so be it. That is what it takes. If it takes more, then so be it. And this will be repeated until I do achieve it, and because of the passion within, I will find and make time to do it, BECAUSE it’s what I desire the most.


It all forms part of the journey.

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